With INFIELD you can monitor field audits, have field compliances and also manage CSR activities. The usage are endless and help you to manage realtime. With click of button, field teams can fulfill the audit and compliance requirements. In CSR for example if you are sponsoring toilet or school in faraway location, you can monitor progress real time.

Use Case

A large company for its CSR choose to construct 200 toilets in 20 villages in Bihar. Company was based out of Mumbai. It was difficult for them to physically visit and monitor the progress. With InField we gave them a field compliance module which was real time and cannot be tempered. It made tracking the project easier. What more even the NGO’s involved were happy to see the company is more willing to put more money in CSR when the results were accurate. It saved them reputation and also compliance became 100%

Without INFIELD your compliance, Audit, CSR Management is incomplete.