Managing service teams on field is challenging task. With INFIELD you can allocate work, have status of completion, location of team, delegation of task all on click of button. The system can be integrated with your other systems and back end applications. Its uses are unlimited in every field. From Urban to Rural. From Pesticide Service Management to Aerospace Maintenance Management. Uses are endless. It helps to increase your revenue by 30% with same man power.

Use Case

A large agro player was facing difficulty in managing large force of field team which was responsible for pesticides and other agri chemicals usage. With Infield the cost per field decreased by 6% in 3 months and field visits accuracy increased by 12%. The data accuracy became over 99% with even far away villages getting accurately captured.

Infield works without GPS and without Internet also. Thus making sure that low band 2G network is also giving accurate results.

Without INFIELD your Service Management is incomplete.