Benefits & Pricing

Over 15000 field sales, services and audit teams using InField in over 300 industries With InField – Real Time Field Sales,
Services and Audit mobile management system. At only Rs 250 per month, you can increase your
productivity by 100%, decrease your per call visit cost by 50% and increase
your turnover by 100%.

  • increases productivity by 100%

    • Your Sales Manager can monitor 100%
      more field sales and services people.
    • Your number of Field calls per person increases by 50%
    • Your customer data is captured
      accurately by 100%
    • Your Field performance and output
      increases by 50%
  • decreases your cost of operations by 20%

    • Your false reporting decreases by 95%
    • For example if your team is reporting wrong attendance of location the wrong reporting decreases by 95%