Managing field project teams is tough task. Today managers struggle to know which all field project member is in the field. With INFIELD it’s all real times, from delegation of work, status update to all the field team management.

Use Case

A client of ours whose head office is in Nagpur, got a transformer installation project from UP government. Giving geography constrain and the team was to travel to interiors of UP, the cost of installing 250 transformers in over 100 blocks was huge. With InField the corporate team from Nagpur was able to manage the teams remotely with +/- 10 meter accuracy and also was able to do capture compliances through our advance application.

Result was that the company was able to complete the project 1 week before dead line and within cost. The absentees came down from 14% to 6% and project productivity went up by 21%.

Your project management is incomplete without INFIELD.